Try delicious potato pancakes

Potatoes have been transformed into delicious meals over the years, today we try the unique potato pancakes. The recipe is easy to follow.

Ingredients - 3-4 peeled and boiled potatoes - Salt and pepper - 1 tablespoon of starch - 1 tablespoon mayonnaise - Mozzarella or curd cheese - Bacon, and onions can be added for flavor

This is how to prepare potato pan cake; - First peel and boil the potatoes - Marsh the potatoes and add salt, pepper, starch and mayonnaise - Once you have obtained a homogeneous mixture, form the pancakes by filling them with mozzarella or cheese - Fry them in a pan with oil - Let them sit for a while until showing the crispy golden look - Get the ready for serving

*You can serve them with some sour cream for breakfast or generously cover them with this Creamy Mushroom Sauce to make a scrumptious, vegetarian dinner.