A key to spotting a good pizza or the best pizza is through its vibrant colours and a well melted cheese, according to Pizza Ya Kasi eatery.

Founder of the local pizza eatery, 'Pizza Ya Kasi', Onalenna Machona dares to impress the lovers of pizza in an extra-ordinary manner through her scrumptious flavours of Chicken and Beef pizzas. Her focus is entirely on making tasty pizzas and she tells BG Food Court that, a greater taste is the only way to win in food business, and so she tries to be unique while selling divine taste. Her friend chef, Keitumetse Boalo introduced to her the art and skills of making an exceptional pizza, and she swears that the lesson fell into the right place as people enjoy her pizza more than she has ever imagined. She emphasizes that she is a Telecommunications Engineering Degree holder who has decided to take a different route from her qualification, but ventured into cooking.

"I realized that, cooking creates a culture of giving and receiving positive energy to the people around one. Food makes people happy and good food make people happier. It's not with every job where people keep coming back as a sign that they enjoy the results of the work than with serving people good and tasty food," she says.

She explains that in order to know that a pizza could be tasty, it has to show from its look, before the taste and this means ingridients used are fresh and cooked well, she shares. The Mosojane village born pizza maker is thus grateful for the positive feedback she receives by far and plans on growing the brand 'Pizza ya Kasi' and have it available in Francistown soon, then in Maun and eventually across the country, in the future.

She is currently located in the streets of Maruapula in Gaborone and reiteraites that her spot is ever busy as people keep recommending her pizza after tasting it. "Being unique is a great starting point. Hence my business has a unique selling proposition, meaning it is assertive but defensible and it focused on what my customers value," says Machona.

"Batswana have been so supportive and everyone giving a positive feedback after tasting Pizza ya kasi and even coming back for more keeps me going," she adds.