This past Saturday, Ko Jarateng Restaurant in Mogoditshane made history. The restaurant, that is fast crafting a niche for being the best barbecue spot in town, was at it again with another edition, dubbed the 'Chicks on Fire' event. This event follows on the footsteps of their inaugural 'Pigs on Fire' that was held in May. Just like its predecessor, for this particular event, patrons were offered the chance to eat as much meat as they could indulge in. Birds of all kinds, including ducks and around 50 chickens, were cooked in a variety of methods, including grilled chicken gizzards, and barbecue chickens, dubbed 'Chicks on Strings'. And one of the dishes that the patrons were looking forward to happened to be the Ostrich.

The Ostrich, which appears to be a very tough bird to cook, had been marinated in spices for almost a whole day. It was then put on fire on Friday, and was only taken out by Saturday afternoon. For those who are picky eaters, rumour had it that the ostrich smells like Donkey meat. But to get rid of the smell, herbs and spices were used to add flavour and get rid of the unsavoury smell that might offend some. One of the highlights of the day included a samp dish infused with gizzards.

This was a whole ball game for most, as they had never seen both items paired this way and cooked in the same pot. According to the event organisers, this was historical for the entire team when they smoked a whole 67.0kg ostrich from Brahman Meat Market. Most importantly, their smoking Habit BBQ friends cooked over 50 chickens in their Barbecue barrels as well as meat on strings for the Samp with strings attached meal powered by Bolux Groups, Chobe Samp, and Parmalat Botswana cheese and milk.

According to Henny Maruapula, speaking on behalf of the organisers, this was the second concept that they had put together. Next up on their agenda, he said was heading off to Maseru where they are planning to take the 'Pigs on Fire' concept to Basotho. This, he says, is one of the ways that they are tapping into other markets and growing the brand, and concept. The event will take place on August 20th. Next up is their third event which will be dubbed 'Beasts on Fire'. For this particular one, they are looking at showcasing four game animals. The event will be held on September 4th at Bojanala Waterfront.