Bible Life Ministries Tlokweng celebrated their fellow worshipper and newly-crowned Miss Botswana, Lesego Chombo at church this past Sunday.

In Lesego's world, nothing is possible without God's presence. Her first Sunday at church as the reigning queen and being celebrated by her fellow worshippers meant a lot to her.

Lesego has been groomed by Bible Life Ministries Tlokweng from Sunday school, and every piece of her life has been aligned to this very moment.

She expressed gratitude for the support she got from church while preparing for the grand finale. She recalls how the church flooded social media with support, sharing her pictures on Facebook and Whatsapp after Pastor Thuso Gaongalelwe officially announced that she would be competing.

The youth even printed T-shirts in her name to encourage her. Pastor Thuso and his wife also attended the announcement of the top 10 finalists. Pastor Thuso applauded Lesego for making the church proud and acknowledged the challenges of a Christian girl participating in pageantry.

He believes that Lesego has changed the narrative, and young girls from church who wish to join pageantry but fear criticism, will henceforth feel motivated. He encouraged the Miss Botswana team to also walk the journey with the church.

Managing Director of Miss Botswana, Benjamin Raletsatsi acknowledged that they are joint partners in raising Lesego in her journey to Miss World. So far Lesego’s reign has made history as she is the first Miss Botswana to be crowned by the reigning Miss World.

The reigning Galaxy International Ambassador, Refilwe Fosu-Amoah also noted that this is victory for Christ, and urged Chombo to be prayerful in order to beat all the obstacles that may emerge along her way.

"There would always be challenges but as the Kingdom of God, we are all behind the queen in prayer, and believe that she will continue to make us proud at Miss World," she said.

Lesego appreciated Pastor Thuso and his wife, for believing in her dream, nurturing her and making her comfortable to be a “Christian queen."

“Pastor Thuso's 20-year life plan initiative also helped, as I have been planning this victory for five years now," she said, noting that her dream is to represent Miss Botswana with purpose and grace.