Renowned fashion designer, Lesedi Matlapeng has all praises for De Beers

Kefseddy Design continues to soar in the fashion industry and recently represented the industry well in London.

This was part of De Beers Group's Business Excellence seminar, and the renowned fashion dedigner, Lesedi Matlapeng had an opportunity to showcase at the fashion show that was actually hosted at Natural History Museum. Matlapeng couldn't stop reminiscing about her little achievements before she was a well known fashion designer, better known for her top notch designs.

She tells BG Style that, reaching out for international market has been nothing but her all time dream, thanks to De Beers for trusting her with her skill. "It was a wonderful experience to design the dresses for an International diamond jewellery. The partnership between De Beers and Kefseddy Design, provided a great opportunity to showcase our creativity as well as Botswana talent," she says, explaining that the opportunity actually presented itself when she was showcasing in Dubai in March.

She further says that what melted her heart was to see Mophato Dance Theatre also delivering to their best ability on the same international stage. "They did a brilliant job with the dance choreography and this just proved how the Botswana arts industry is talented, " shares Matlapeng.

She also aplauds Tumza Nkwe who, she says, marvelously supervised the models.

"All outfits were done by us to present that legit and outstanding showcasing in Kefseddy Designs," She reiterates that so far this is the best exposure in her books, to be part of an international fashion show.