Grandeur Glamour Designs breathes glitzy and glam fashion

Grandeur Glamour Designs is unapologetic about setting the trend on glitz and glamour wear because fashion is a statement, according to the owner and fashion designer of Grandeur Glamour Designs, Laone Galetshwane.

Her point of view is that local fashion industry still needs to be polished here and there to meet the international standard and so, she is working on that too as a fashion designer. She recently told Vibe that she is intentional about making a mark when it comes to glitz and glam fashion. "We are still left behind as the local Designers and it requires us and the Models to up our game and put more effort to let our light shine even more, as an industry because we are almost there," she said.

The passionate fashion designer joined the industry professionally in 2020,during the Covid19 pandemic lockdown when she had all the time to identify what type of a fashion designer she was." I have always been passionate about fashion since childhood but never thought about monetising it until my father encouraged me to start a business. He had confidence in me when he saw the first outfit I had designed and therefore supported me to start Grandeur Glamour Designs and share my talent with the world," she said. She further said that mostly she deals with glitz and Glamour type of clients and so I have decided to concentrate on this niche market so far," she said, adding that she also often make African attire designs. She noted that the feedback she receives keeps her going all the time. "I tolerate constructive criticism, and believe that it has taken me this far, because I live to improve my work daily," she said.

Galetshwane designs for ladies most of the time and says, this year she wants to introduce a few of male designs too. She said that she is inspired by Coco Chanel, internationally and says her aim is to invest in her brand to reach that magnitude too and be recognised internationally as a fashion designer of elegance. "I want to invest my all into this business ,and make it grow into an outstanding international fashion house. I wish to see my garments showcased on the Paris runway fashion shows one day. Her business is currently based in Block 6, Gaborone and Galetshwane dreams of expanding and setting up shop across the country over the next few years.