Botswana might possibly host the Miss World beauty pageant in 2025. News about this exciting development comes straight from the Miss Botswana license holder, Ben Raletsatsi. Raletsatsi has confirmed that Botswana has been given the opportunity to host this biggest pageant in the world.

Now the onus lies in the country accepting this challenge. Botswana will be joining other countries that have won the bragging rights to hosting one of the Big 5 international beauty pageants in the world. The move, if the country accepts this challenge will mean that all eyes of the world will be glued to Botswana for the duration of the pageant. Miss World is one of the most watched pageants in the world, and is said to have an estimated audience of over 500 million viewers from 190 countries.

Speaking in an interview with this publication, Raletsatsi confirmed that the Chairman of Miss World, Julia Morley and her office have given Botswana the opportunity to host the pageant. The offer, he explained was given to him as the license holder and manager of Miss Botswana. “We now have to convince Batswana about what this opportunity means,” he explains, noting that Miss World will bring the expertise.

He further says that he believed that the country has the potential to host a pageant of this magnitude after previously hosting other successful international competitions that include the Youth Games, and the Netball World Cup. “This will give us two years to get ready for the pageant,” explains Raletsatsi. He also shares that the country has the opportunity to decline the offer.

And that if they accept the offer, this will be an interesting perspective for Botswana. Quizzed on what could have possibly led to this big offer, he shares that Palesa did very well at the pageant held in Puerto Rico, and that this could have worked in the favour of Botswana.

Raletsatsi further says that when his company first took over, part of the vision they shared was that they wanted to bring Miss World to Botswana. And that it was very interesting to see this happening on year 4 of their 5 year-plan. “Botswana has so much to offer, and this includes the fact that we are home to the cradle of mankind. We have the Okavango Delta, and have the biggest population of elephants in the world, he explains.

If Botswana accepts this offer, it will be the second country in Southern Africa to host the pageant. South Africa has previously hosted the pageant seven times (1992-1995, 2001, 2008, and 2009.