Beautician urges people to look at beauty industry differently

A beautician and Director at Sublime Beauty Spa, One Gaosekwe says the local beauty industry is still not recognised as a prestigious sector that it is.

To her, the beauty care industry aligns well with health and therapy, as well as boosting one’s confidence. “People come out of beauty centers looking their best and feeling refreshed after massages, and for this reason, I urge people to look differently at our profession this year,” said Gaosekwe.

She told BG Style that people still want to negotiate prices for their services, something that she personally believes is unprofessional and undermining to their work.

“I feel like the beauty industry in Botswana is not taken seriously like in other countries. We often get clients wanting to negotiate prices, forgetting that this also is a career and it should not be looked down upon. It is very important sector especially for the corporate world and lovers of lifestyle and many social events such as wedding celebrations and beauty pageantry, to mention a few,” she said.

She defines beauty as therapy and reiterates that people should look at beauty parlors in that regard. “Beauty industry is my passion and I must admit that what keeps me going as a beautician is the fact that I do thorough research on beauty trends all the time to ensure that I offer the best service to my clients,” she said.

Gaosekwe further highlighted that a beauty spa is one of the best friendly places where people get to network and start chatting, which may consequently help anyone who is going through emotional distress as people normally walk out of their spas happy for the services they have received. ”As a beautician, I take pride in the fact that I know very well that for the few minutes or hours that a client is in my studio, we both forget our problems and focus on achieving what the client needs,” she said.

She offers different beauty services, including; massages, waxing, pedicure and manicure, makeup, body scrub, as well as photoshoot to capture those therapeutic sessions. Gaosekwe is happy about the feedback that she gets from her clients and tells BG Style that being told that she is the best nail technician, simply pushes her to do even better. “My clients mainly appreciate my manicures. I always get positive feedback that my nail art is long lasting, whether it’s nail tips or naturals. I therefore always get nail referrals,” said the bubbly beautician.

“What sets me apart is my drive and curiosity for the beauty industry. We have also made it a priority to use quality products and also work hand in hand with celebrities and ministers," she said, revealing that Sphalaphala is one of the celebrated people that trust their work.