Lavish Box Beauty is destined to stand out and offer the international look kind of beauty.

They are not just about confidence building through the looks, but also transformation. Owner and beautician at Lavish Box Beauty, Moemedi Johnson says the positive feedback from their clients has kept them going, and always willing to do better.

He tells Vibe that they joined the beauty industry in 2016 with a mission to set the bar and deliver effectively. He is of the view that a woman's look is complete when they have that neat face and hair done appropriately, hence their makeup and hair services. "We sell highest quality lace wigs in the country right now, as well as hair products, " he says. They also do wig installations and Johnson reiterates that they target occasions to come up with a unique look.

He explains that the corporate hair look cannot be similar to a bridal hair look, and this is where they show off with their expertise in hair. Like any other local beautician, he says that this season works out better for them. "During this time of the year, we are happy to serve elegant bridal look with our full quality wigs," he said.

Their work actually impressed a lot, when they did their hair and makeup on Vusi Shekevilla, a now social media influencer, who was once bullied for her looks. During the time, she even established a clothing line branded 'Maswe a basadi' and told this publication that she was doing it all to give other ladies bullied for their looks, too the courage to accept themselves.

Johnson says that makeup as a beauty enhancer, is also therapeutic, as they always see their clients appreciating the transformation they get from Lavish Box Makeup. Lavish Box Makeup also looks forward to expand and have more beauty stations across the country.

Johnson says despite that there are so many makeup artists around, they still find a way to remain unique and versatile. He is of the view that makeup is an art that needs consistency and therefore they plan to elevate in every aspect as they are about growth. To him, there is international look and standard look in make and he says he is determined to be recognized internationally as a makeup artist.