Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino is slated to close off the South African Women’s Month in style with an event dubbed Bubbles & Bites Brunch. The National Women’s Day is celebrated annually in South Africa in August. This year in support of their neighbours, Avani Gaborone will on Sunday, 28th August 2022 close off Women’s month with the inaugural event, to celebrate phenomenal Botswana and African women.

The Bubbles & Bites Brunch event will provide the hotel with the opportunity to attract existing and potential guests to the hotel and showcase the Hotel’s unique selling points, skilled staff and its readiness and capability of hosting events of all sizes post Covid.

According to the Acting General Manager of Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino, Candice Selato, the event will give them the amazing opportunity to interact and engage with phenomenal women coming from different fraternities.

She also said that it was imperative to create an environment where women can find time to gather and, share ideas and experiences in a social setting and inspire each other to greatness, in a less pressurized environment. “Our Hotel is fully equipped with safe and user-friendly amenities that comply with all safety and health regulations governed by the hotel industry.

The Avani brand does not promise quantity, instead we thrive in delivering quality service, restful sleep, indigenous food and ideal indoor and outdoor spaces for memorable events such as the upcoming Bubbles and Bites Brunch. If you are looking to maintain a lifestyle or simply aspire towards a specific lifestyle, Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino is for you, so don’t miss out,” said Selato.

The recently appointed PR and Marketing Executive for Avani Gaborone, Samantha Bogopa explains that it is important to celebrate women in Africa all year round, and that although Botswana celebrates it earlier in the year, with the international community, it is important to support our neighbouring country. “As Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino, we value all the efforts aimed at empowering women and celebrating their achievements.

Through the Bubbles and Bites Brunch event, we aim to bring women together through a bespoke lifestyle experience that will leave them energized and appreciated,” said Bogopa. She further said that guests will be entertained with vibey and joyful music from well-known local DJs and artists. Tickets are available from this week (Tuesday) through the Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino Reception at only P350. Ticket include a complimentary bottle of Annabelle Bubbly and a tasty snack.