This coming Sunday, close to 10 000 runners are expected to take part in one of the longest running and biggest Ultra Marathon in Botswana. The marathon, seen by some as the pioneer of marathons, and one of the events that made running fashionable, happens to be the Diacore Gaborone Marathon.

Celebrating its tenth-year marathon, it will be a spectacular showcase of showmanship, and all are going all out to celebrate this big achievement the only way that they know how, running or chasing the elusive wind. Depending on the respective category that each runner is gearing up for, this is slated to go down in the history books as the crème de la crème of marathons in the country. Incredibly, over the past couple of years, every running enthusiast, newcomers, and veterans, all want to test their lung capacity, and see how far they can push their engines.

And they have every right to test their limits, the Diacore way. Tackling three categories ranging from 10km, 21km and 42km, there is everything for the serious, the type who can literally sneeze their way through to the finish line in literally the split of an eye. These are the type of adventure thrill seekers who usually outrun the trusted escort of a police car. And then for those who wish to huff and puff their way through the same finish line, in a manageable category of 10km, they are covered. As for those who are all about the lighter side of things, rest assured there is something light for them in the form of a 4km fun run. Sweetened by the addition of Blue Crystal Sugar as the sponsor of this category, parents and guardians can laugh their way through the grounds of the Grand Palm Hotel, with very little sweat.

This week, Organisers of the Diacore were thrilled that finally the big day has arrived. Confident that this year they have nailed everything when it comes to marking their tenth anniversary, they are promising runners that this is one event that they will never forget. Speaking in an interview with BG Style, PR & Marketing Manager for the Diacore Gaborone Marathon, Ed Kalo Ndebele, shared that their growing numbers over the years is testament that they were doing something right. He explains that three years ago, they had registered about 7000 runners, and 8000 last year. “This year, we have registered about 10 000 runners

This goes to show how much Batswana want to live an active lifestyle,” he explains. He further notes that some of the highlights include the 4km fun run which for the first time in the history of the event has a sponsor, namely Blue Crystal. The fun run is all about fun and family. "It is for the whole family, and parents can run with their kids,” he says. Ndebele further says that the Fun Run is slated to take place within the premises of the Grand Palm Resort, and that runners do not have to worry about running into obstacles such as cars.

The route was scheduled to be marked, and final preps done on Tuesday this week. The kiddies play area is the ideal place where parents can live their children in a safe environment, run and pick them up once they are done. To ensure the safety of children, he says that for easy identification, tags will be issued and that those who will be manning the area will get the phone numbers of the parent dropping off the child. “We have a number of activities for the children which includes a jumping castle, clowns and other activities,” he shares, noting that this will be done in a closed area.

For ease of traffic, he says that runners in the 21 and 42 km will depart at 0700hrs, while the 10km category will leave at 0715hrs. The fun run participants will depart at around 0900hrs, as organisers have taken into consideration the fact that it might be too chilly for children to leave early. Entertainment will also be on the list of activities, and it includes performances by some of Botswana’s top DJ’s and performers.