Tile Mate, a locally owned manufacturing company that is situated in Lobatse is currently making a mark in the within the ceramic, porcelain adhesives as well as bonding liquids. The company was part of local companies which took part in the Global Expo which was organised by Botswana Investment and Trade Centre(BITC) recently.

According to the Marketing Coordinator, Tiiso Sedirwa, the company opened shop in 2020. In the two years that they have been in operation, they have managed to list their products on 158 local hardware stores nationwide.

Sedirwa explains that Tile Mate is the only local company that manufactures tile adhesives.

She explained that their products are of good quality and they have been accepted by local clientele base as Batswana are embracing their products.

“The founder used up their own money to start up then CEDA funded the expansion and introduced new product offerings.” Sedirwa explained that Tumelo Sedirwa used his own experience in the industry and his savings to start Tile mate.

Furthermore, Sedirwa notes that penetrating any market has its own challenges. She explains that like clients anywhere, the initial challenge were that customers were a bit skeptical about the new brand, with questions on quality and reliability of support.

“The manufacturing of tile adhesives is certainly a complicated process. The complications lie in the equipment make up, equipment setup and sensitivity and level of controls associated with the process.” Sedirwa notes that the company has 19 employees and has its eyes set on expanding to the rest of the nation.