Khana Capital, the emerging fintech company and Small Micro Medium Enterprises(SMMEs) financier is aiming to be the ‘go to’ establishment for supplying chain financing both in Botswana and the Southern African region as a whole.

In a recent interview, the newly appointed Chief Operations Officer of the 100 percent youth-led business, Reitumetse Lekoko told this publication that, despite having been formed during difficult times of COVID 19 pandemic, they are already off to a good start.

Our goal is to be the most inclusive financing company, providing great financing products and competitive prices to the traditionally underserved sectors of the economy, including informal traders. Through a clear vision, good understanding of the market and employing effective technology, the sky is the limit, ”said Lekoko, who is a worked in various positions involving strategy, business performance, consultancy for various companies over the years.

Through technology and innovation, Khana Capital provides affordable, flexible and convenient financing to SMMEs. In addition, the company also provides working capital solutions and consultancy services. It is the company’s technological and innovative services which give the business an upper hand compared to peers in the cutthroat market. The company also has a Financing App, which existing and prospective customers can log into and access various services.

“We are extremely encouraged by the market’s reaction to our products, particularly our financing platform. It is evident from the market reception that there is a strong need for the services we provide. Our government implemented the very commendable initiative to engage local suppliers where possible, and when the service does not compromise the end-users experience,” said a content Lekoko who is graduate of the revered Gordon Institute of Business Science(GIBS) in South Africa.

Where opportunities present themselves, Khana Capital partner with large private and public sector companies that have significant supply chains. Typically, the Gaborone-based boutique targets organisations that spend more than P 2.5 million a month in supplier payments. “We sign agreements with these organisations that permits Khana Capital to finance their valued suppliers directly. We make a commitment to provide cheaper and more convenient financing for suppliers. The aim is to support and help SMMEs grow, which in turn lowers costs and improves efficiency for the large companies,” she explained.

Khana Capital is itself a start-up company. In Botswana, like the in many others countries, start-ups are often faced with challenges, that call for forward think business, which fortunately, the company has. Lekoko admitted there has been obstacles along the way, which she emphasized, did not deter them from their long-term vision.

“A big challenge was how reluctant many organizations are to embrace technology and innovation, even when the benefits are well understood. Most organisations in Botswana are not very adaptive and flexible. We do not have a work culture that encourages initiative and innovation, so when you present a new and exciting solution to leaders, it often does not get the attention required.

Although it must be said, from the business leaders, to senior representatives of commercial banks, to development agencies and government officials, we have been incredibly fortunate to work with some fantastic and supportive people. I think the challenge lies in the institutions. The way organizations are structured and how leaders are incentivized. Whether or not staff have the support to fully embrace a new idea,” she said as a matter of fact.

She added the success of SMMEs will create more opportunities for employment, economic diversification, increased use of technology as well as youth and women empowerment in the economy.