The new country sales boss for PPC Botswana, Effort Cliff Alfred has announced intentions to seek new opportunities for growth and value creation for the company.

“The amalgamation of marketing strategies against company resources coupled with diligent execution of said strategies is key to growing PPC’s market share,” said recently appointed Country Sales Manager.

Alfred believes through the consideration of market attributes such as overall demand and supply, competitive-cost curves, and past performances, the company can discover and usher-in a strengthened value proposition, more significant consumer relations and new market platforms.

With intentions to lead PPC Botswana to greater heights, Alfred will leverage on the company’s already existing enduring legacy, heritage and footprint in Africa.

“PPC Botswana is the first cement manufacturer to build a cement plant that has employed hundreds of our country-folk,” said Alfred, citing that his alignment to the vision and values PPC ascribes is a great source of motivation to him.

The seasoned sales guru is also a strong believer in the empowerment of small and medium-sized businesses and has dedicated to continue growing the local SMMEs within the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Over the years, PPC Botswana has showcased its passion for SMMEs through providing opportunities for citizens, especially the youth and supporting citizen-owned businesses like Rapha Shammah, Katlego Bricks and G.S Bricks.

Meanwhile, Alfred has been working at PPC Botswana for four years, beginning his journey as a sales consultant fresh from the University of Botswana, where he studied Bachelor of Business Administration-Marketing and grew from Sales Consultant to Regional Sales Manager, leading to this promotion.

Under the role of Regional Sales Manager, he facilitated the development and implementation of sales strategies.