Legal Guard has responded to the changing business demands, guided by the fourth industrial revolution.

The company has launched a consumer portal and a revamped website, as COVID-19 has forced more enterprises to swiftly adapt to the technology developments.

“The fourth industrial revolution has undoubtedly shifted the lives of our consumers and failing to adapt would be failing our customers.

“Therefore, this digitization and automation process will make lives easier and bring us closer to customers,” said Legal Guard Managing Director, Kgomotso Ratlhaga.

Ratlhaga said the portal will ensure the public at large can get access to legal solutions and communicate consistently and effectively with Legal Guard.

“The consumer portal will be able to drastically serve different stakeholders by providing easy access to products and services offered, increasing interaction and engagement between consumers, and increasing consumer education,” Ratlhaga said.

On the other hand, the website saw updated content, refreshed layouts, and improved navigation for better conversions and site performance.

“It now contains a plethora of information on Legal Guard, their products and services, claims, complaints and appeals as well as the library and the consumer portal."

According to Legal Guard, through the portal, consumers can apply for premium covers for business or personal legal needs through their commercial and domestic products such as Kgwebo Guard, Moemedi Guard, Prestige, Accident Guard and Tshireletso Premier.

“This technology-driven change is an opportunity to aid all people, this includes leaders, policy-makers, different groups and nations. It allows us to harness converging technologies to create an inclusive, human-centred future.

“The real purpose of technology is using it to find ways to positively impact families, organizations and communities,” said Ratlhaga.

In addition, the company intends to leverage its digital strategy to propel legal insurance penetration.

According to Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA), the insurance industry has a 3.4 percent penetration rate and legal insurance takes a very small contribution.