Fairscape Precint recently hosted the 4th annual Carols by Candlelight which its primary mandate is to give back to the less privileged members of the community, especially during Christmas festivities.

The event was hosted after a two years hiatus due to COVID 19 which restricted gatherings and movements of people. The Managing Director of Botswana Development Corporation, who owns the Fairscape Precint, said the event is also about the spirit of togetherness. Precint is BDC headquarters and also houses a number of companies, private and public.

“Today is not only about celebrating the spirit of Christmas but also about giving thanks for having made it to this point in life when others couldn’t have and recognising how fortunate we are. This event is also about the spirit of togetherness and giving back to those who are in need through charitable deeds. By so doing, we would be showing love, kindness, and being a friend, and these are the qualities that make the world go around. It is also in this spirit, ladies and gentlemen, that we should celebrate the ‘Fairscape Carols By Candlelight’ tonight, ”said the elated Kgosidiile.

The BDC boss also commended the support which came from Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Mo’s Open Table, an urban inspired restaurant. “Here at the Fairscape Precinct, we have made a beautiful home together with the different businesses housed here! We are also evidently strong in numbers and support,” noted Kgosidiile.

BDC, which is an investment arm of government, has a strong corporate social responsibility program, which over the years spent millions of on giving back to the community through donations, adoption of schools, supporting Small Medium Enterprises, among others.

“Giving back to the communities in which we operate is an important aspect that resonates within BDC’s mandate. As the government's main investment arm, it is crucial that the Corporation operates in a way that demonstrates social responsibility and inspires confidence from the community. By undertaking initiatives of this sort, it demonstrates BDC’s interest in wider social issues, rather than just those that impact profit margins,” stressed Kgosidiile.

The colourful event was also without song and dance. The Royal Tenors who are well known locally kept the vibrant crowd on their toes. Donations in-kind brought by attendees of the event were earmarked to be donated to Ramotswa Centre for the Deaf, a charitable group identified as beneficiaries.