The 6th Strategic Human Resources Conference (SHRC) organized by the Progressive Institute began this past Tuesday at the Mowana Cresta Hotel in Botswana. The event was kick started with insightful opening remarks delivered by Mmoloki Mmolotsi, the Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Institute and Chairperson of the SHRC Conference.

Mmolotsi opened the event by highlighting the significance of focusing on people in the workplace. He stressed the importance of winning the hearts and minds of the workforce, emphasizing that the best strategies and infrastructure are futile without the dedication and commitment of the people who drive them.

The 6th SHRC marks the culmination of six years of dedication to human capital development. Over the previous five conferences, more than 1500 delegates have been impacted by the shared experiences and insights, creating a positive snowball effect that has influenced many organizations and families.

Notably, the SHRC has hosted global speakers and leaders from internationally renowned brands, fostering change, innovation, and modernization in workplaces. The event has helped shape a generation that embraces change, encourages disruption and innovation, and promotes people-first cultures.

Mmolotsi concluded his opening remarks by expressing his hope that the event would provide novel and innovative solutions, best practices, and choices that delegates could apply in their respective institutional contexts. The conference promises to be a platform for rethinking the future of work, embracing technology, and contributing to a better future for all.

Speaking to this publication, Mmolotsi noted that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted their event because of the various restrictions that were imposed on the global community. He however notes that this setback does not overshadow the accomplishments achieved by the conference over the years as the conference has been able to create leaders that are aligned to trends in the market.

SHRC has been able to create high levels of productivity, change the way people perceive the world of work, change the culture of organizations into high performing culture. Through bringing in international speakers who work in top international brands such as google, Batswana are able to act from the same level as global companies.

He indicated that presentations from delegates from leading corporations such as Google open local workforce to how the global corporate community operates.

He further revealed that the SHRC has a corporate social programme which helps various junior schools in Botswana by sponsoring the best performing students to go on holidays. Their programme creates a culture of competition and encourages them to work hard.

Mmolotsi explained that the theme for their conference is think outside the box and it is an encouraging message to them to find ways to solve problems. As the modern workforce is faced with a lot of challenges such as mental health and issues of diversity.

He notes that attendees should accept that the world of work has transformed and they have to be able to manuovre around this change with an open mindset for them to fully utilize the opportunities that come with change.