Nata Bird Sanctuary- an oasis of calm

To wake up to a beautiful view is the desire for most people and to have a chance to do this is a dream that can come true at the Nata bird sanctuary. Located in the north-eastern periphery of the Sowa pan and founded in 1988, it opened for operation in 1993. It was established for the purpose of conservation of wildlife but also to help in the development of business in four villages namely, Nata, Sepako, Maposa and Manxotae. The sanctuary has been part home to a number of flamingoes that visit it after the rainy season when the water sources are full. However, if there is no water, then the flamingoes don’t honour the pan with their presence. The flamingoes are quite a sight to behold and if one’s lucky, they will gather in large numbers by the pan where they are close enough to touch. But they can sometimes gather where they can be seen but not close enough to be touched. The sanctuary is also home to some wildebeests but this year, another group of animals found themselves calling it home. These groups of animals are zebras. The water sources in the sanctuary were apparently dry last year as the area did not experience a lot of rainfall but this year it looked magnificent as they were filled to the brim. If one has not been to the ocean, then going to the sanctuary is the perfect opportunity for one to get that experience due to the endless stretch and amount of water. Although the water enhanced the drop in temperatures at the sanctuary, it magnified its beauty especially the sunset. The golden colour of the sun was reflected on the water together with the white and blue of the clouds in the sky was a painting just waiting to be drawn; that’s how beautiful it was. Animal admirers and lovers got a chance to explore the sanctuary and view all the animals housed there through a game drive. Since it is advisable to go for a drive either early morning or late afternoon, towards the evening, a lot of the tourists went in the early evening. But for those who were yet to decide what they wanted to do or experience at the sanctuary, the friendly staff was more than willing to explain everything to them as well as offer a brochure which contained all the information they would need concerning what takes place there.