Positive Performance Botswana videos kick out lockdown blues


Positive Performance Botswana (PPB) has begun producing and sharing short videos on ways of boosting levels of well-being during the lockdown period. The videos that cover an array of topics are broadcast on social media. Botswana is currently on day 15 of a month-long Lockdown to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Celia Boitshepho Potgieter of PPB said they were inspired to do the videos by the feelings about the present situation facing many around the world - anxious, scared, uncertain about what was coming next, looking ahead to a big unknown, and worrying about financial security.  She said in an interview that like most people they don't know if their little business will survive this pandemic, but that they are also grateful that at least for the moment, their lives are a lot more comfortable than the majority of Botswana.  


"We decided on videos, and posting them on social media, as a way to reach as many people as possible," she said, adding that they are working on producing the same video messages in Setswana, although this is proving to be a bigger challenge. So far topics that they have covered include the importance of positive relationships (the need for physical distancing vs. social distancing); the negative effects that stress and anxiety have on our physical health, coping strategies, and resilience.  


"We will be covering many other topics and activities, all of which are evidence-based interventions, that are designed to boost levels of happiness and well-being - from random acts of kindness and gratitude, to physical activity, to mindfulness and meditation, to growth mindset, and hope and optimism," she said. They hope their audiences will gain an increased sense of hope, a greater feeling of agency, and lower levels of stress. They are also hoping that the videos and other resources that they will share will trigger conversations, and inspire sharing of testimonies on how they have boosted users’ levels of well-being during this time.  


"I am hoping that it increases the sense of community, and care, and that we can all learn skills from each other, that will be useful to us, even after this is all over," she noted.  Positive Performance Botswana was founded two years ago, by a group of positive psychologists, coaching psychologists, and HR consultants.