2064 premiers in Hong Kong

Award-winning Botswana-born actor Donald Molosi’s latest lead role is in a new international film called 2064. The film will have its world premier in Hong Kong on September 28 at the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Festival.

In an interesting historic turn, especially because the High Court of Botswana decriminalized same-sex relationships earlier this year, Molosi’s new film is the first high-profile queer film to come out of Botswana. Says Molosi of the film: “My choice of roles is as bold as the times need me to be. As a human being, if you don’t make bold decisions you might as well be dead.”

The new film, 2064, sees Molosi in the lead role opposite award-winning South African actor Thabo Rametsi. 2064 is produced by Dreamcoat Films, a British production company and it is directed by British-Nigerian director Joseph Adesunloye. 2064 was filmed in Botswana and Zimbabwe.

“I recognize with hope that although 2064 was filmed in a Botswana where same-sex relationships were illegal and that it now gets released after the Botswana High Court has ruled otherwise. I am also ashamed that the Botswana government is appealing that historic ruling. As an actor I am using my own power to push against the present government’s stance concerning this issue,” Molosi spoke in a press release.

“The story itself is universal and is about how balancing the human-wildlife conflict may have to come through extreme measure in the future and what that may mean for love between humans.”After showcasing in Cannes earlier in May, 2064 recently opened in Hong Kong at the Hong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. In the first week of October the film will premiere in Scotland at the Scotland Queer International Festival; in Sweden at the CinemAfrica Film Festival; and at the Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival October 6.

A week before its world premiere, 2064 was yesterday nominated for the prestigious Grand Prix prize in Sweden. Molosi’s latest film was nominated for the prize for its excellence in storytelling. The Grand Prix is recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This means that if 2064 wins the Grand Prix in Sweden the film would automatically be eligible for an Oscar nomination.

Molosi is an actor and writer from Mahalapye and his latest film appearance was opposite Academy Award nominee Rosamund Pike in A United Kingdom. In June, Molosi’s new book Dear Upright African won the Best Narrative Award at the African Authors Awards 2019. He divides his time between several countries.