Sowa hosts Olympic day celebrations

The mining town of Sowa is currently hosting this year’s Olympic Day Celebrations.The celebration which commenced on 2nd July are expected to conclude tomorrow (Thursday).

The events held under the auspices of the Botswana National Olympic Committee includes a Sport Administration Course, a Mini-Olympics for the Dukwi Camp Refugees community and the Olympic Day Celebration. “Olympic Day is an international Olympic Movement activity promoting mass participation of sports held in June organized by National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

The Olympic Day Celebration is usually held during June 23 by NOCs, with 1.5 km Olympic Day Fun Run, 5 km, 10 km and many more sporting activities,” a statement from the BNOC reads. “Sowa Township was chosen to host this year’s celebration for the first time to give an opportunity to a different audience in the country as is culture, to experience the Olympic Values of friendship,respect and excellence.

”According to the BNOC, events planned for Sowa are a perfect example of promoting these values, and it is our objective to build that friendship and respect amongst these inter-racial communities to be respectable citizens, in sport and out of sport but through sport.