Botswana boxing is set to experience a seismic shift after international boxing promoter, Scott Patrick Farrell arrived in the country recently. A no nonsense businessman with a clear vision for his international boxing promotion, Global Boxing Stars, Farrell is adamant that he will take Botswana boxing to the next level. Having conquered the Asian boxing market as the Chiefs Executive Officer of Ringstar Asia, Farrell has hit the ground in full sprint and set will up three high profile boxing promotions between September and early 2020. Already a rock star among the global boxing community, the British national has already rubbed shoulders with global power players like Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya and legendary promoter Bob Arum. Coming across as an easy going and yet shrewd businessman, Farrell is adamant that he is not after fame as he is already a respected businessman and promoter on a global scale. The promoter, who frequently preaches the importance of hard work, said part of his vision is to discover raw talent in Botswana and help to usher in Botswana’s first world champion in the space of two years. Global Boxing Stars is already working with established boxing stars like the four-time Namibian boxing champion Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda who recently competed at a PBC international boxing showpiece in Las Vegas, USA. Farrell’s suave business acumen has seen him snatch another big name to GBS after signing another Namibian super star Lucas ‘Desert Storm’ Sakaria who commands a perfect record of 22 win and 0 losses. The aptly named Desert Storm is expected to compete in the first show held by GBS at the Molapo Piazza in Gaborone. Farrell’s laser focused business acumen has helped him discover the richly fertile soil that is Botswana boxing. The International boxing promoter is just what the doctor ordered for the struggling and recently registered professional sport code in the country. Farrell plans to turn Botswana boxing into a global player using the same business model that helped him leave a footprint of 500 million viewers across Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines. One of Farrell’s trump cards in the boxing game is his association with future boxing hall of famer and the only eight-time world champion Manny Pacquaio of the Philippines. Farrell has already co-promoted with the legendary Pacquiao in the Philippines and the dynamic duo are currently working on their next promotion in the pacific island nation. Currently, the promoter is working closely with Pacquiao’s influential match maker Sean Gibbons. Gibbons is responsible for matching Pacquiao and his next foe Keith Thurman in Las Vegas welterweight showdown next month. In Botswana, Farrell, a former amateur boxing in his native Britain has already identified a roster of local young boxers he will be willing to sign in Botswana. Part of Farrell’s plan is to work with local promoters, managers and trainers to nurture and groom local talent for bigger and better things. “The first show here in Botswana will be on September 7th at the Stanbic Piazza and it will feature former champions and undefeated contenders. I assure you, anyone that knows me is sure the fans will be excited by the world class promotion and ultimate boxing event experience,” Farrell said in an interview with Sun Sports this week. Farrell who left Ringstar Asia recently said there were differences between him and the company shareholders. However, Farrell says he remains an international boxing promoter and plans to take Botswana boxing to international viewers. Meanwhile, Farrell said he has already met local sports authorities and promoters and thus far they have acknowledged his presence and received him warmly.