The business of ‘go becha’ and the sex dol

I once had a light-hearted debate with a few people over the notion that it is a man’s duty to take care of the woman in a relationship. It is always interesting to listen to other people’s views about matters of life, love and everything in between. Anyways, I am all for the man being the breadwinner and head of the home. I don’t necessarily want to sponge off any guy. As things stand, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. However, the thought of a man making attempt to take care of you, being concerned about your needs, is attractive. The truth? Women and money… same Whatsapp group! But I am aware that the act of financial chivalry, ‘go becha’ is controversial. In the modern world, where both men and women have equal economic opportunities, the common thought pattern is that men are not obliged to take care of their partners. In fact, some men often accuse women of being ‘gold diggers’. Yet, even men can be ‘gold diggers’ nowadays. There are scores of men who take care of their women and they don’t complain. It comes with the territory, just as women go on diets, fix themselves up, learn to cook etc to please men. Ironically, the very same men who don’t want to becha demand and expect sex from women, and to be treated like Kings. Motho wa teng fa kgwedi e fela e ka re ga a yo mo lefatsheng. Mid-month… o tla mo utlwa. Ke raya bale ba ba ratang di message-nyana tsa bo ‘Hi’. Enter the sex doll. If you haven’t heard about it, then you live under the rock. This doll resembles a human being to the tee and is sold for sexual pleasure. Apparently, it is a hit overseas and is already selling like hotcakes. I kid you not! The owner enjoys exclusivity of being the first and only one to chow it. There are no ex stories or baby daddy dramas. One can even go “dry” and not stress about protection because it doesn’t fall pregnant and won’t contract STIs and other nasty conditions. It doesn’t eat food so it won’t get fat either. It also won’t talk back and there will be no nagging, insults or shouting. It would also accord those who fear expressing their sexual fantasies and fetishes with human partners the opportunity to express themselves freely. I can imagine the doll being made to bend over and even being peed on ala golden showers. Heedu! Imagine moaning and groaning in the embrace of a doll. But I doubt it comes near to the real experience. Nothing beats the human smell and touch during intimacy. Imagine slashing and writhing about with a doll in the cold of the night. Those who saw you enter and leave the house or room, would wonder if you have a thokolosi hidden in there. And as you know… people talk a lot. The nosy ones who always have their fat sweaty noses in other people’s business would rush to exclaim: Heela, ka re o lala a kua masigo mme rona re sa bona ope a tsena ka ntlo! Oh, the things of this world! Who ever thought that it would one day be possible to buy a doll as a lover. Technology has really brought many good but also strange changes. With so many willing potential suitors and lovers milling about, nothing says ‘suck man’ than roughing it up with a doll. Mpopinyana wa teng mme o siametse bo-Ramoshe ba ba sa becheng. Khi!