On freeloading scumbags and love scams

I recently caught wind of a case involving some Kanye chap who apparently swindled a Japanese woman of P100, 000. The handsome yellow-bone promised to marry her only to later ditch her after getting the money. Mmh…Gatwe ‘Mongwaketse’ a bo gotwe tuu! There are many local women who have been cleaned out by guys under the pretext of love. In worse scenarios, some women even married themselves: the dude coerced her to foot the wedding expenses while he “sorts his finances.” There is a growing trend of men who sponge off women. It is perhaps one reason that some men are usually quick to ask a woman “O bereka kae?” Several celebrities and socialites have posted on social media about the guy in town, who will make you pay his booze bill, ask for petrol money or cash for one pressing matter or other yet never pay back. I understand that this guy is a smooth talker who seduces a woman out of her last Pulas. The modus operandi is to proclaim their undying love and come up with stories that would lead to the woman giving him her hard-earned money. In my time, such guys were reffered to as ‘scrubs.’ I don’t know what they call them nowadays. I don’t think there is any guy who would leech me. O a go simolola ha kae? Men give me money, not the other way round. But never say never. I suspect that the women who were scammed in the name of love never saw it coming. If a man can pretend to be interested in you in order to shag you, why wouldn’t he fake a relationship to fleece off you? And men know that women are crazy about being in love, and that some women are naive and impressionable. When a man tells her he loves her, she gets excited and starts opening everything: her legs, her home, her purse...ales! Conmen are always quick to declare love and sing never ending praises for their target. Playing someone is an art – you identify their weaknesses, study them, figure out what they want and act like it. Think of it as being on a soapie set. I understand that nowadays these conmen co-habit with their targets. He starts off leaving his wash cloth that looks like a piece of biltong in the bathroom and soon a bag, and the next thing he is the man of the house (who doesn’t bring the bacon to the table). Ba re ba ipereka, motho wa teng o tlhola a kaname a lebeletse TV a ja mopako wa bana. Ke raa… dilo tsa GC! The dynamics of any relationship change when money and materialism are the crutch. Issues of abuse and infidelity often emanate from there. Gone are the days of the man who took pride in being breadwinner and working hard to make ends meet to ensure that his family leads a comfortable life. Nowadays there is a rampant disturbing culture of laziness and short-cuts. Some people just don’t want to earn their keep and find it convenient to get ahead at the expense of other people. When it comes to dating, some women ignore decent men and run with the ‘men are trash’ variety. For a strange reason, some members of the female species believe in turning men into projects – they see him for what he can become, not what he is. But these same chaps use and spit them out like phlegm… And basic common gents have no mercy. Ba kgora jaaka batho ba ko ditsheng ba kopane le phitlho ee nonneng!