Does Mma Atsile ever talk to you about Malete land theft?

Dear Sisiboy! It’s been such a long time re sa bue tlhe Big Brother – kana to this day I await your reply to the last letter I penned you. You cannot avoid that issue forever Sisiboy, the sooner you tell us exactly what happened between you and Former Big Brother the better for all so that we initiate corrective measures and move on. This Former Big Brother I tell you is not gonna let go until you are wiped off the face of power. In fact, he has said it in his own words maloba ko Palapye that he will not rest until you have been removed as President. Imagine a former army intelligence man saying such ominous words in a public gathering for all to hear! Don’t you just fear for your life? As I warned you in that letter, neither will I rest until you have come out in public to tell us gore nnete nnete fela – as Phagenyane has asked - o jetse ngwana wa moswi eng. Some of us just don’t like these cat and mouse tales to which you two have been subjecting us and thus neglecting the salient issues of national priority that have to be dealt with for the prosperity of our people. I don’t know why you don’t listen – I have warned you gore you can’t win against him. He is no ordinary man we all know, and trying to go neck and neck with him can only end in tears for you. Here we are talking about a guy with eyes, ears and tentacles in every arm of Government. Ke gore a o tsena ko DIS, his eyes, ears and hands are there; a o ya DCEC, he is covered; try the ministries and their attendant departments - his people are inside, countering and undoing whatever evil or good you try to fashion through your people. He knows your every move even before you make it. I suspect even your speech writer is his man. Gompieno jaana you have refused go nna ko State House - why? O itse se o se tshabang! So take my advice once and for all - just give up the fight morena. You just can't win against that man. O itiela nako - unless you dismantle all these governement agencies and departments and make fresh appointments. Need I say more? We are here talking of a man not just draped in royal blood, but he is also an agile and smart army man who according to legend, could turn himself into a fly when cornered; and that one day he spilled streaks of dark-red paint from his fighter jet after it was shot by Ian Smith’s ground forces - fooling those Rhodesian army men to think it was his blood and he was dead – only to hit back at them when least expected. So tota wena o tlaa bo o le mang – the ordinary peasant that you are with no combat background and only depending on the curious intelligence of that inept Peter! Just give The Former what he wants so that he focuses on his many farms that are littered across the country. Heela, kana that man has a lot of land - just too much land for one man. I just wonder what our grandparents were doing in the days his parents were taking to land ownership that today has made him one of the richest men in Africa with obvious tourism and farming interests at every corner of Botswana. And to imagine, Sisiboy, gore some of us have been queuing up for land for decades without success, just to own a simple and small residential plot making up only 0.00000001 percent of the land he owns! Tota rona batsadi ba rona ga baa re direla sentle. It beats me how they could not see value in land when your parents le ba ga ene The Former were amassing chunks and chunks. Kana if I could tell you, right now, where your beautiful wife Neo comes from, ke selelo sa khuranyo ya meno. Heela, bagwagwadiago have no land – both for farming and residential. It actually has become worse with this new dispensation that says any Motswana can own land anywhere. With Balete clustered around Gaborone, many Batswana from all over the country prefer plots from the Malete tribal territory. The natives are often left with nothing as outsiders get all the plots because no formula seems to exist ko Land Board to ensure the poor people of GaMalete find a place to erect their homes. Even worse, I hear their land is being stolen from them to please some foreign investors whom we gather have applied to build some tourism resort with golf courses and malls and all. For some inexplicable reason, this land that Balete have rightfully owned since 1925 is being forcibly taken away from them by your government – or should I say by the government of The Former? Kana these things started when he was at the helm and I know that the Malete royalty approached him at his office to seek his intervention in the matter. Gatwe ba ne ba itswela fela. You will recall that whenever he came to address any form of a kgotla meeting in Ramotswa, the Bamalete Paramount Chief, Kgosikgolo Mosadi Seboko, would somehow absent herself, just to spite him for also snubbing them.  I remember one time people asking ko kgotleng gore kante Kgosi Seboko o kae a sa tle go amogela Tautona. Twice she did that if my memory is not betraying me. Imagine Kgosi Seboko a ngalela Kgosi ya Bangwato like that? Yet their parents were great friends! I don’t know what they were expecting The Former to do as the decision to take that land at Kgale Farms was motivated by some curious Court of Appeal judgment - I wonder who the judge was - ka that quarry company that was trespassing into that very land owned by Balete Development Trust. Kana tota  The Former could not interfere with the decision of the judiciary, unless they felt he was remotely a part of the grand plan to disarm Balete of their land for that tourism project. Akere he has business interests in the tourism industry. Yet it still beats me wena Sisiboy gore why would the land be deemed to belong to government simply because of that judgment allowing the quarry company to continue using Kgale Farms as their transit route. I think le wena you have to ask questions and help your people get back what is rightfully theirs. Kana from what I gather, Balete families of the time – the forefathers – contributed a lot of money to buy that freehold farm forest hill No.9KO land from one Aaron Siew in 1925, and have since held the Title Deed to that land. In fact, several times when the government needed to use some part of the land for developments, including the expansion of Gaborone Dam, negotiations were entered into with Balete Development Trust, and compensation was always given with the understanding that the land belonged to Balete. At the time, even the land board agreed they had no jurisdiction over the freehold land. Now jikijiki we hear gore BITC has applied to use the land for an investor? And that the Title Deed should be cancelled as the land was tribalised in 1973 by some amended Act of Parliament? Don’t you find it curious le wena Sisiboy gore a piece of freehold land whose three large paddocks were sold to three different entities - Roman Catholic Church, Rre Kirby and Balete - would later be claimed back from only Balete gotwe the land is tribalised, while the other two bone gotwe they still own their portions? Something doesn’t add up here Sisiboy. The poor Balete are now in court to fight for their own land against your moneyed Government. The poor morafe may only lose their case because they do not have enough money to pay the attendant legal bill. Why should government waste resources to fight a community for land that they own and want to use for economic growth? Le bone ba batla go ruela diphoko mo teng! Gape fela, all along the land was known to belong to morafe, with the Title Deed first held by Kgosi Seboko I in 1925.  The title deed would then be handed down to other Magosi until today that we see it is in the care of Kgosi Mosadi Seboko. So, why would BITC apply for the land ko Land Board? Why would the quarry guys challenge the Morafe? Who told them the land no longer belongs to Morafe? Kana gatwe if you want to see real corruption, o tsene ko Land Board. Some of us the ordinary mortals cannot be blamed to think gore there is some big hand behind this daylight robbery of the land of BagaMalete. If I were a legal guru I would surely volunteer my services to help the morafe. They need and deserve that legal assistance, otherwise ba ya go utswelwa fela ‘tsatsi le penne. I mean, if you can take Morafe’s freehold land on the excuse of the Act of 1973 that you say tribalised the land and therefore should belong to the Land Board, why not take the land ya Roma le Kirby as well? Akere the three bought that freehold land – ka 1925! Why then do the goalposts shift for Balete’s land only? Ka gore bone ga bana madi le dithata tse  the other two have? I wonder if your beautiful wife Neo, whose forefathers parted with their hard-earned shillings to buy that land, ever asks you questions about this matter. I know you may hide behind not wanting to interfere with the judiciary Sisiboy, but in this case you need to ask questions and make people leave that land alone. Go riana I hear gore next week there will be some court case that seeks to force Kgosi Mosadi Seboko to hand over the Title Deed to the Land Board so that it is taken further for cancelation. Nnyaa Sisiboy – that will be theft. Bua le batho ba gago ba tlogele Morafe – I do not want to see you o tlile ko kgotleng ya ga Malete one of the good days only to find Kgosikgolo gotwe o iketse States! O botse The Former!