Tattoos are Satanic - Bishop Monchusi

One very controversial topic that often comes up among Christians is whether or not they should get tattoos or ink on their bodies. Should Christians get tattoos? Would it be a sin for Christians to get tattoos? The answer is NO, according to clergyman Bishop Edward Monchusi. The leader of Pentecostal Protestant Church in Kanye warns that people with tattoos are under the influence of Satan and that they should repent and get saved before it is too late. He says that people do tattoos out of ignorance and also to look fashionable. He says even though they may look harmless on the outside, they communicate something in the spiritual realm. For example, someone with a butterfly tattoo according to the bishop is never stable, and goes from one man to another. This, he says, is popular among women. “What you see outside is just the manifestation of what has been going on in the inside. You’re coming out in the open,” he warns. Other common tattoos, he says, are of scorpions, snakes and knives. He tells The Midweek Sun that the same goes for dressing rings. “For example, wearing a ring sculptured with an aphrodite. An aphrodite is a goddess of sexual love. It means you are married to that spirit. People must refrain from these tongue, bellybutton, and nose rings. God created you complete. Don’t feel inferior by harassing your body which in turn affects your soul,” he says.