Lifestyle diseases are increasingly becoming a threat in people’s health and thereby a public health concern. Dr Gure Gure of MedExpo Private Clinic says that it is high time people change their lifestyles to lead healthy lives. He adds that High Blood Pressure and heart diseases have taken a toll, hence people should be careful about what they eat, and the way they live. “With modernisation, and fast food restaurants popping around the city as well as the high rates of unemployment, lifestyle diseases keep on growing,” said Dr Gure. He stressed that the main cause for High Blood pressure is stress. “With all sorts of ailments in the society we now see High Blood Pressure getting common even among young people because they are stressed out,” he said. “It is small things including living allowance running out; inadequate transport fare; need for groceries; milk for the baby running out and even about the transition phase of young people into adulthood. This is the time when the reality of life strikes and the young people fall into the High Blood gap,” he states. He added that the challenge of bad eating habits, also contributes to lifestyle diseases including Diabetes. “Eating right is still expensive for an average Motswana, especially in drought seasons,” he said, emphasising that lack of vegetables and too much starch on the diet remains a concern for most people in the country because of lack of employment. This contributes to the burden of disease - “It is the chronic medication and lifestyle change, and when one is diagnosed this becomes a concern because having to take anti hypertensive pills everyday for the rest of one’s life is not easy,” he said. Cardiovascular diseases and stroke, he added, are among lifestyle diseases that can even cause kidney failure. It is MedExpo Clinic’s mission to engage people and teach them about choosing the right lifestyle because it cannot be the government’s effort alone to fight this problem. “We have outreach programmes each month to sensitise people on lifestyle diseases and we had one recently at Airport Junction mall where people came in large numbers to learn about lifestyle and non-communicable diseases,” said Dr Gure. On such occasions, people are scanned for blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and body mass index. All this is done for free and people are then sensitized on what medical precautions to take to ensure good health in their lives.