Chobe Marina Lodge, AAA sign sales, marketing deal

Chobe Marina Lodge has announced a strategic partnership with An African Anthology (AAA), a hospitality management and sales and marketing representation company based in South Africa. AAA has been appointed to represent Chobe Marina Lodge in the capacity of sales, marketing and reservations from 1st October 2021.

“Chobe Marina Lodge is excited to be the newest addition to the Anthology family, which represents bespoke hospitality properties in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The management partnership means that from the 1st of October, all rates, information and contracts will be managed by AAA in  cooperation with CML,” announced the Chief Operating Officer - Hospitality & Tourism, Neil Bald.

According to a statement, the AAA portfolio of establishments accommodates a wide range of guests’ requirements and expectations, which vary from intimate, ultra-luxurious game lodges to boutique hotels. The location of these establishments ensures a presence in most of the popular destinations in Southern Africa, enabling delivery of high value experiences to a discerning market.

Speaking on behalf of AAA, the CEO Chris Anagnostellis stated that “This partnership speaks to our ethos and we are excited to be onboarding Chobe Marina Lodge. As much as our guests and clients are seldom alike, our establishments also differ from one another. They are however all single minded in their endeavour to provide an experience which does nothing more than leave our guests with only one thought and that is the desire to return. That is the unique value proposition that AAA brings to the CML partnership,” he announced.