CDC Councillor berates Khama

A specially nominated Councillor in the Central District Council, Tsotso Segona, was allegedly cut short in the process of telling off the former President, Ian Khama and cautioned him that the majority of the democrats and Batswana in general are happy with Masisi as he is a man all out to bring changes which benefit the nation.

The councillor gathered his guts when the former President addressed the BDP caucus last Thursday. In his address the former President is alleged to have tried to decampaign President Masisi in favour of his preferred candidate, Pelonomi Venson Moitoi. Segona could not finish what he wanted to say, and no further questions or comments were allowed from the floor as he was stopped on his tracks by CDC Council Chairman, Peter Williams who used the standing agreement that no questions should be asked any party elder who comes to address the BDP council caucus in order to avoid confrontation.

This meant that the opportunity to gauge Khama’s grip on the BDP was loosening or not as only one councillor partly aired his views. The standing decision of not asking question was communicated to Khama at the beginning of the meeting. But he allegedly requested for a waiver so that it could give those who are not clear an opportunity to seek clarity hence the agreement to allow questions. Speaking to BG News and confirming what he told Khama to his face Councillor Segona said, “I told him  that he has made  the right appointment  in Masisi and that he should  neither  regret his  well informed decision  nor worry because  the Democrats and  Batswana in general do embrace the decision.

I said to him, rest assured that the decision you made is great and Masisi is a well balanced and progressive leader”.  For his part, Council Chairman, Williams confirmed that Khama procedurally addressed them on Thursday, having properly requested to do so. “It must be noted that as BDP Councillors we have agreed to hold caucuses whenever the need arises and further that all caucuses should be held in the Council Chamber, unless if someone who is coming to address us has a preferred or special suitable place.  As the Council we have agreed that question and comments will not be entertained to all party leaders who address us so that we can maintain order and peace. We have practiced this special tradition for 15 years.”

Williams further confirmed that he interjected and stopped Councillor Segona from continuing and ordered that no further questions or comments will be made.  Ironically, Williams does not mince his words, he is crystal clear that he supports Masisi stating that he classes Masisi better than the past presidents.  “Masisi is the best leader, there is no doubt about it, it is like he has been programmed to come intervene and bring all these changes that we are witnessing.” 

In order to drive his point home, Williams said, it is common knowledge that many Batswana and organisations are disgruntled and Masisi with this short period has proved to be a leader who is all out to meet with these organisations, giving an example of meetings with Media and ordered that whenever possible government departments should give them advertisement business.

He says the president has also met with Union leaders, visited the army barracks and will soon meet with the police. Efforts to get a comment from Khama were not successful as he was reported to be in a meeting by members of his Secretariat team.