Braintec taps into innovation to diversify

Braintec Services, a leading cleaning and hygiene products supplier continues to come with innovative products and services which constantly match consumers’ ever-changing needs as well as industry trends.

The company was formed way back in 2011 to snap up opportunities in the cleaning and security services provisions that had just been created by government. A purely cleaning services company back then, Braintec has now evolved into an integrated company which also produce hygiene products such as sanitizers for retail and industrial clientele. This is in addition to the supply of chemical management equipment and landscaping. According to the General Manager, Brian Ketshabile, there is need to constantly innovate and become relevant, especially in the cutthroat industries that they operate under.

The company competes with well-known local and international brands, and there is need to keep up with pace. “Braintec does not only offer cleaning services but has extended its offerings to accommodate hygiene supplies, cleaning equipment and provision of cleaning chemicals which it manufactures in-house. We have diversified into a one stop shop for all your cleaning needs, which you will not find happening in most cleaning companies,” stressed Ketshabile, who used to work for a state-owned development bank. Being an integrated cleaning services provider, Braintec has managed to win the hearts of many clients and this has propelled their growth astronomically over the past few years. “Currently, our leading clients are in the healthcare industry, where we provide laundry services and products as well as landscaping services to them.

Thereafter, comes the education and commercial markets. We provide institutional contract cleaning and waste management services to these clients. Keeping clean never goes out of fashion. People need cleaning services and products every day, at home, at the office, and at healthcare facilities,” stated Ketshabile, who is also an experienced marketing and communications specialist. Customer service is the company’s number 1 priority. It is perhaps the one strength that has brought them where they are today. The company offers hospitality and healthcare laundry, landscaping, residential and office cleaning, cleaning of upholstery, car valet, as well as installation of chemical management equipment for efficient use of chemicals.

"Over and above that, we have engaged ourselves in the business of manufacturing economical cleaning products, as well as distributing premium cleaning chemicals which range from kitchen, laundry, housekeeping and personal hygiene." Botswana is experiencing a surge in numbers of those who are not employed. Companies such as Braintec need to be praised for being able to provide the much-needed employment, despite the hard hitting COVID-19 pandemic which has negatively affected the economy. The company has been able to hire 78 people. These positions include supervisors, managers, cleaners, gardeners, technicians, among others. "We are looking to increase these numbers in the next year as we continue to grow the business."