Braintec pulls COVID-19 dividends

Braintec Services, an integrated cleaning company, has disclosed that while COVID-19 has been a major concern to most companies, they have managed to position themselves in a better place to be able to take advantage of opportunities brought in by the scourge.

“COVID-19 has enormously changed our way of life. The increased need to disinfect and clean our surroundings more than ever, has opened a window of opportunity for Braintec. Being a cleaning company, we made it our obligation to play a part in helping fight this pandemic,” explained General Manager, Brian Ketshabile.

He explained that when the pandemic started, Braintec immediately introduced its disinfection service line and brought in more personal hygiene products like sanitizers, supply of masks, and other disinfection chemicals, which were to curb the spread of the virus.

“We were able to pool in a generous amount of clients through these new products and service offerings. I believe it is safe to say we have since become a more strategic and resourceful entity, having analyzed the situation, strategized and implemented these innovative ideas for the benefit of both the company and wellbeing of our clients,” said Ketshabile, who established the company in 2011.

Braintec offers services such as hospitality and healthcare laundry, landscaping, residential and office cleaning, cleaning of upholstery, car valet, as well as installation of chemical management equipment for efficient use of chemicals. The ten-year-old company manufacturers economical cleaning products, distribute premium cleaning chemicals which range from kitchen, laundry, housekeeping and personal hygiene.