On marriage wrecking and the “allure” of illicit affairs

My dear reader, let me tell you about a guy who turned into a cat in two minutes. This guy was a tall, dark and muscular charming philanderer, who probably thought he was God’s gift to women and chowed them as if it was his calling in life. One time he met a married curvaceous yellow-bone and tempted by her wobbly buttocks and petite waist, pursued her. It seems the two were cut from the same cloth, because the lady agreed to an affair. The husband sometimes worked night shift, and this was their chance for hanky panky sessions at the lady’s matrimonial home on the couple’s bed! The sneaking man would leave in the wee hours of the morning, but on a certain occasion, he overslept. Kooteng mabebeza ne a mo tefula, mogoma a kgotse e ka re tlhware e meditse podi. They were awoken by the gate opening and the loud thud of the car door, as the man of the house arrived. The terrified man grabbed his clothes and shoved himself through the back as the husband was unlocking the front door. When he got outside, the family dog, upon seeing a naked strange figure lurking by the kitchen door, began to bark madly: woof, woof, hau, hau! The husband loudly wondered what the dog could be barking at. The man outside was perspiring heavily and could feel his sphincter muscles weakening. He knew that if he were caught, he would be shamed or probably reunited with his ancestors if the man had a weapon. He had to think fast, and in his best impersonation voice, the man went: “Meow, meow!” Khi! The life of habitual cheats must be a hectic one, I tell you. Letimone la boaka le ba apeile– spirit of lust. And no one likes to be cheated on, even if you think you can tolerate it, motho wa teng o felela a go sulafalela. O kile wa utlwa gore dijo tse di kgotlha kgotlhiwang ke mongwe le mongwe di nna bosula jang? It is disturbing how some people do not respect marriages and relationships; their own and others’. Go ratiwa bonyatsi, aaah! Infidelity and marriage wrecking are contentious issues. For some, it might seem like an attempt at “policing people’s private parts and what they do with them.” Sometime last year when handing down ruling in a divorce case, a certain high court judge reportedly said that in light of the changing morals of our society, the claim based on adultery pertaining to a civil marriage lacked constitutional and common law validity. A few months ago, yet another high court judge, fiercely argued that marriage wrecking was a punishable transgression because marriage is a sacrosanct union. It is unfortunate that marriage wrecking is argued in high courts and not customary courts, but by virtue of judicial having the duty to protect or expand individual rights and protect the nations’ social and even moral fibre through law (marriage wrecking comes up when absolving marriage) becomes a worthy engagement because marriage wrecking brings conflict and disease, affects families negatively and erodes communities’ moral fibre. But in marriage wrecking cases, both the cheat and third party should be brought to book. Mind you some married people are far from ‘holier than thou’ and seem to think that being married is license to run around having affairs. Cheating is a choice and decision. With that in mind, the married cheat should also be liable to a charge. Whose fault is it that they have an itchy crotch and do not seem to have ‘No’ in their mouth?