About the P10 million lEgal bill slapped on the UDC

NDABA GAOLATHE SAYS: The P10 million legal bill is not a UDC bill - it is our bill - it is an expense that every citizen (UDC or not) that cares about this nation should foot. The UDC has a legal bill of P10 million, or probably more. I see many comments on social media suggesting it is a deserved punishment for failing to concede the October 2019 elections.  This view is grossly myopic.  We don’t have to agree with the UDC about how to approach electoral grievances for us to realise that our democracy is at stake.  We should not allow our differences in approach to be exploited by apologists of the current system at the expense of our democracy.  These apologists will tell you, do not make a contribution to this legal bill because it is not yours, it is a bill that should be paid by those who approached the courts and hired the lawyers.  Far from it. This is actually our bill, whether we are UDC or not. It is a bill we all need to pay, whether you agreed with the UDC or you didn’t.  This is how nations are built.  This is how systems and checks and balances are nourished, and reconstructed.  Those who refuse to pay this bill will account one day - somebody will pay the bill, and they will claim the reigns of our country.   Our nation is under the clutch of the rich and powerful, because we refuse to pay for our democracy.  The rich and powerful pay for this democracy.  They clothe you with t-shirts at elections.  They pay the fuel for transporting voters to rallies and the polls.  They pay for the printing of manifestos and adverts in newspapers.  They pay for the campaign stages and the sound systems.  They pay because the real owners, the ordinary citizens of this land, refuse to pay. The citizens refuse to pay because they say they are poor, they don’t have the money.  Citizens refuse to pay for democracy because they say politicians are corrupt, selfish and self seeking.  They refuse to pay because their preferred candidates are not on the ballot.  No one is too poor to pay for democracy; if everyone donated P10 per year, all of us, to a movement that represented our individual aspirations, this country would not be as vulnerable as we now are to the whims of the super-rich.  We need to cultivate a democracy that makes leaders account, and these court cases were part of that process.  We need to pay an insurance premium to ensure that no one in the future tries to rig any democratic process - these cases were part of that process too.  These cases were a raw reminder of the inadequacies of our institutions  and potentially the concentration of power in the executive - and so the need to reform, redesign and enhance our constitution as a nation. We all need to participate in building of our nation, particularly our democratic and economic institutions. We need to contribute, financially as well, to democratic institutions including political parties.  We need to contribute to churches and to community organisations that build our nation. Nna ke a go lathela sengwenyana.  It will not be much, mme ke a go lathela.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you, twenty years from now, that if you don’t contribute to this, someone will pay, and you will have built a culture of selling our country on the cheap.  Re tswanetse go hedisa mowa wa “ha di nkame.”Le tla nkomanya hela, mme ntlabo ke latlhetse.  Ke robala jaaka lesea bosigo, ka gore nna kea e dira thomo yame, sikitinyana same ke ya se lema, go sa kgathalesege gore lewa le lebega jang kana le nchakgaletse gole kae. Ke le weno, Modisa-wa-letsomane BANKS NDEBELE SAYS: Let’s contribute towards the UDC petitions legal Bill. Every patriotic Motswana and defender of democracy, you don’t necessarily have to be a UDC member to partake. This was a just affair, one that intended to straighten and protect a symbol of our pride- free and fair elections. I pledge an undisclosed amount towards settling the UDC legal bill. TEBOGO MODISE SAYS: Bo Ndaba le mabina go tsholwa,o ne o emetse kwa o lebile Boko wa modimo a wa a tsoga jaanong o itira o mo utwelang bothoko, you want to build which nation e o paletsweng ke go thusa mokaukengwe wa gago go e build. MOSHE BAELE SAYS: We wanted change but you deprived us the privilege, we decried the association with Kgama and we were ignored. We demanded report of the late Motswaledi and what we get from you guys was a shameful answers and we were told to bring prove that we contributed so we may be refunded. Today you come back again begging for people to contribute. You need to listen to your followers and stop acting like God messiah. We said it and we are saying it. Ignorance is like death. Setswana sa re letlota ga le nyelwe, jaanong re goga dijase re batla di karabo. You could be going around the country addressing the nation since you said is for our benefit le rona re le botse. Tanki motsamaisa tiro. WARONA MOSIELELE SAYS: Re tewa gotwe puso e bolaile Sir-G re koleke go dirwe investigation, the report fails to be availed. They lie that elections are rigged, deliberately failing to comply with due process, and knowing very well that they are going to lose. They do so to give their gullible followers a reason to believe their lies - that the system is rotten hence their loss in court, as it is clear they (followers) don’t care, some are ignorant of course, about court procedures. The least they could do for these gullible malcontents would be to at least avail the evidence of vote rigging they claim to possess before they siphon more money from them again. I know they have no evidence of vote rigging of course, it is all lies; very expensive lies. BRUNO PHILLIMON SAYS: 10 million wa UDC nna ga ke di tsene ga e kake yare ba palelwa ke go duela office ya party, e bo ba re ba ka duela di costs tsa court. JONATHAN SIKWANE SAYS: Fa o sena madi a go koleka didimala. Le ko magaeng go ntse fela jalo fa go biditswe ‘meeting’ wa koleke re neela ba ba nang le madi sebaka sa go bua. Lesa go rasa ga ona madi. Finish & Klaar. Ba ba pelotlhomogi e bile ba na le madi ba tlaa kolekela UDC gore e phimole sekoloto sa yone sa ditsheko. Kea leboga Motsamaisa-tiro. COMFORT RAMATEBELE SAYS: Re taa koleka thene milone wa khote mme re taa le gakolla baeteledipele gore hanne e se go thubega ga lona, nkabe le fentse dithopho go sena bo koleke. Le batona laa nkutwa! TSHWARI THAKO SAYS: I will only contribute after the evidence of rigging has been availed for the public to see. It is very necessary. Akere we had evidence prepared for the case though we were not accorded an opportunity by the courts? Let’s take that evidence to the people so they can be convinced of those rigging allegations, because now it remains allegation until we all see evidence. It can be put in one of the weekly newspapers every week until all the information is availed. Double voters names must also be listed gore ba votile kae le kae. Especially Gantsi North because photocopies had already been made. Name and shame.