ULTRA CARE: The epitome of health solutions

Ultra Care, a citizen owned medical services provider in the cut throat industry, is seeking to be a player to reckon with.

Coming from humble beginnings, the youth led business is gunning to have branches all over the country which will provide the much needed health services at affordable prices. Below, the company officials reveal their growth story and ambition to KOOBONYE RAMOKOPELWA.

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: Kindly provide us with Ultra Care’s background; its history and what it stands for?

UCG Ultra Care group was founded by a team of local Batswana Medical Doctors in 2019 to carry out business in the health care industry. Ultra care has two companies under its wing, Ultra Care Clinics and Ultra Care Pharmacies. The group has a clinic in Mochudi (Kgabo Mall) and is currently opening its second and third Medical Center in Ramotswa, where the facility is a combined clinic and retail pharmacy. Ultra Care group is also setting up the third medical Center at Kgabo wholesale Mall, which will be consisting of a fully fledged medical facility with clinic, pharmacy, ultrasound X Ray imaging and dietician services. It is worthwhile to state that, all Ultra Care facilities offer General Practitioner services as well as specialty consultation services on scheduled dates, including but not limited to gynaecology, urology services dermatology services and cardiology services.
BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: Who funded the business?
UCG: Ultra Care Group was funded by equity contributions from the shareholders as well as bank loans.
BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: As a medical services provider, what competitive edge does Ultra Care has over peers in the industry?
UCG: Ultra Care provides clients with integrated one stop services where clients complete all the necessary investigations, treatment plans and follow-ups in one centre. Our services provide clients with convenience as we are able to service clients at the comfort of their homes through the Home Health Care programme that we have.
BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: Ultra Care operates both clinics and pharmacies. How easy is that?
UCG: Clinics and pharmacies or integrated medical centres are ideal health care centres which provide clients with convenience. The two services complement each other as clients are able to access both the doctor for consultation and see the pharmacists for medications all at the same time.

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: How many clinics and pharmacies does the business have?
UCG: We currently have 3 pharmacies and 3 clinics

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: How many will be opened in the coming months and years?
UCG: Ultra Care will open 10 More Centres in Botswana over the next 3 years.

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: How many people are employed by Ultra Care?
UCG: Ultra Care group currently employs three pharmacists, 3 medical doctors, 6 health care auxiliaries. In addition, we have a competent management team which comprises, group Managing Director, finance manager and operations manager.

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: What citizen economic empowerment initiatives do you have within the business?
UCG: All positions in the company are 100% held by Batswana, including the management positions. Ultra Care believes in all government citizen economic empowerment initiatives, as they will help create a strong and a sustainable economy.

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: As a business, what kind of corporate social investment initiatives do you have in place for communities you operate in?
UCG: We do quarterly free disease screening and monitoring for those with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes etc.

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: How has Covid-19 affected business in general?
UCG: Covid-19 has had a positive impact on the business in general with improved patient volumes.

BOTSWANA GUARDIAN: What does the future hold for Ultra Care as a business?
UCG: Ultra Care intends to expand into all towns in Botswana. We intend to bring affordable health care services to every Motswana out there. We believe strong strategic relationship, including with government, will ultimately lower the cost of health services provision in the country.