Kalafhi medical clinic is on the verge of opening its Smart day hospital at Fairgrounds mall in Gaborone. The hospital will have 34 rooms and employ around 110 people.

It will be a 24-hour facility that will hospitalise patients for a specified number of hours during which they will receive treatment that they require. At the end of the care, the patient returns home without being admitted.

According to the Kalafhi medical center Business Development Director, Barolong Mouwane Kalafhi Medical centre started the building process in 2020 and it took a year and a half to get approval of the building plans.

Mouwane said the medical centere has partnered with a company in Thailand which offers the latest technology in smart hospitals and smart clinics. Mouwane explained that they have been able to pull financial resources together to make the facility a reality.

The clinic will have visiting specialists from South Africa and France who will work along with resident medical doctors to treat patients. They will also have a system of telehealth that incorporates the use of medical devices and sensors.

These devices can be used at home by patients to assist a doctor understand what is going on in a person's body in real time over the phone and aid the doctor to give an accurate diagnosis.

Spokesperson of Kalafhi medical clinic, Michelle Wright indicated that they will have cutting edge technology that will ensure patients get great health care for a better price than what they usually pay for.

Wright added that medical technology has advanced to the point that one does not need to undergo operation to remove things such as tumors. Kalafhi medical centre will use some of these technologies which are time efficient and save money for patients.

"eHealth will notify patients to take their medication, and it will be able to indicate to the patient and the doctor whether their vitals are going low or are too high and when they need attention," he said.

Wright explained that this is just the tip of the iceberg on the technological advancements that the hospital will have.

Kalafhi has had a history of providing good customer service, quick turnaround time, and convenience. Wright noted that the Day Hospital will not only be different in It’s ability to help Batswana better and faster, especially in the case of emergencies.

It will provide everything in-house with resident and visiting specialists. Wright added that resident and visiting specialists provide services which are not commonly readily available in the region.

The Day Hospital will be fully equipped with everything clients need from the time of injury to the time they are completely healed.

The hospital is expected to open in November and the whole Hospital operation will cost P65 million. Right now it is in phase 1 which cost about P32 million.