Botswana Digital and Innovation Hub has launched the Month of Science this Monday. It will be commemorated under the theme, 'Let's Innovate."

The launch was officiated by the Ministers of Communication, Knowledge, and Technology Thulaganyo Segokgo; Education and Skills Development Douglas Letsholathebe, and Fidelis Molao, for Agricultural Development and Food security.

Molao noted that it is important for Batswana to familiarise themselves with new technologies and accept that as the country transitions into the 4IR, new industries will emerge that require new skills and new technologies.

Molao said that it is critical for Botswana to get up to speed and adapt to modern technology and also improve the skill-set of locals.

"As our country transitions, we must accept the use of technology changes across sectors. We have to move away from the old-fashioned way of doing things and use technology for the advancement and improvement of our lives and to grow our economy," he said.

Letsholathebe reiterated the need to improve scientific excellence in research and training, adding that Botswana has the potential to create leading experts and personnel in the technology field.

While there has been talk of the adoption of 4IR in Botswana for several years now, not much action has taken place in terms of assimilating it across industries.

He urged stakeholders to respond to trends in technological convergence. He also noted that the government through his

Ministry is committed to positioning Botswana as a globally competitive, knowledge and information society, where lasting improvement in social, economic, and cultural development is achieved through effective use of ICTs.

He also encouraged stakeholders to pause and evaluate how the use of ICTs continues to impact the lives as individuals, society, and the entire nation. He said that stakeholders should respond to trends in technological convergence.

Segokgo noted that Botswana is on the right trajectory toward being a digitally advanced innovative country.