It is an open fact that people diagnosed with mental disorders sufferers a raw deal. Their rights are trampled upon willy-nilly and they as a result are subjected to human rights abuses, rampant stigma and discrimination! The UN Human Rights office observes that people diagnosed with mental health conditions experience higher rates of poor physical health largely because of stigma and discrimination. Because of their prevailing mental health, their physical health is often neglected. We need to avail health services to all despite mental illness diagnosis! People diagnosed with mental disorders are often deemed to be unable to take rational decisions which makes unruly individuals to trample on their rights by taking decisions on their behalf. We unceremoniously dismiss those diagnosed with mental illness from work on the basis of illness and not ability. It must be noted that mental health conditions differs and most individuals can take rational decisions. Those diagnosed with mental health conditions can be fully employed, vote and play a meaningful role in the community! Those with mental health conditions are denied education on account of illness. We have quite a number of individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions who have been successful in their studies! Most admissions to mental health institutions admissions are unjustifiable as some relatives manufacture stories for them to be admitted. The reasons may be that they want to go for holidays or even not wanting friends to see that they have someone with mental illness during weddings. This is grossly unfair! The following can help enforce human rights towards those diagnosed with mental disorders; Having a mental policy and legislative framework that promotes human rights and dignity(A good thing is the current Mental health Act is undergoing review to align with human rights) There is need to break the barricade of human rights abuse by bringing perpetrators to book. Stigma is an enabler to human rights abuses and must be stopped! People with mental disorders deservedly have human rights too, uplifting their rights augurs well for their mental health!